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New apartments to live the essence of the Eixample district

Barcelona Ciutat - Eixample - Eixample Dreta

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19Des de 123 m22, 3Des de 1.325.000 €

The starting point of this extraordinary project of reform and integral rehabilitation is the "Casa Enric i Victòria de la Riba" built by the famous architect Enric Sagnier in 1897. Sagnier is the author of the most representative buildings of captivating modernist image of the city that we know today. Many of his works are still preserved and you can see them following the Sagnier Route.

The estate is on the chamfer, on one of the most coveted streets of the right side of Eixample district. With different options of size and number of rooms, the houses stand out for an interior design with character, capable of transforming the essence of modernism into an urban and current proposal.

Only sixteen owners will have the privilege of living in the four original floors, in a clear and functional modernist place, restored with features and finishes designed in details. Only three will be able live in one of the magnificent penthouses of new construction in the rise that will crown the building.



m² construïts m² terrassa Habitacions Preu
1.1 178m2 32m2 3 1.555.000 € For sale BCNP2331
2.1 178m2 3m2 3 1.475.000 € For sale BCNP2335
3.1 178m2 -- 3 1.555.000 € For sale BCNP2338
4.1 178m2 -- 3 1.640.000 € For sale BCNP2339
4.2 141m2 6m2 2 1.425.000 € For sale BCNP2340
3.2 141m2 6m2 2 1.365.000 € For sale BCNP2341
2.2 141m2 6m2 2 1.325.000 € For sale BCNP2342
4.3 123m2 12m2 2 1.450.000 € For sale BCNP2343
1.4 193m2 30m2 3 1.685.000 € Reserved BCNP2344
2.4 193m2 3m2 3 1.580.000 € For sale BCNP2345
3.4 193m2 3m2 3 1.640.000 € For sale BCNP2346
4.4 193m2 3m2 3 1.825.000 € For sale BCNP2347
Penthouse 3 181m2 9m2 3 2.275.000 € For sale BCNP2354
Penthouse 2 151m2 41m2 2 2.425.000 € For sale BCNP2355


One of the characteristics of the district Eixample is its organization in perfect symmetrical squares (divided into straight and long streets, which are crossed by broad avenues and blocks). This pattern has remained a hallmark of Barcelona due to the design of Ildefons Cerdá who considered the traffic of the city, along with sunlight and ventilation to improve the area. This residential complex is located nearby from the picturesque Passeig de Sant Joan. There are cafes, bars and wide roads that lead inevitably to the stunning Arc de Triomf and the main green zone of the city centre is the Ciutadella Park. Because of its proximity, Plaça Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia are points of reference for these places. Undoubtedly, Barcelona's Eixample is one of the most renowned districts in Barcelona where there’s always a possibility to discover new spots.

La seva àmplia oferta cultural, exquisida gastronomia i privilegiat clima han convertit Barcelona en una ciutat de referència a nivell internacional. Si busca comprar una propietat de luxe en aquest apreciat destí, a Barcelona & Costa Brava Sotheby's International Realty posem a la seva disposició exclusius apartaments i cases situats als barris més reconeguts de la ciutat. 

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